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My Pen, My Therapy: How I Found Peace Through Writing If we […]
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You make me feel at home,You make me bring out my true […]
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I haven’t seen you for so long.Which explains why I haven’t been […]
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There Is always positive and negative feedback that you can receive when […]
For the people who are constantly moving around, going from one place […]
There are a variety of global issues that are affecting everyone’s well-being. […]
I want to know if you belong or feel abandoned- if you […]
Personally I’ve outcasted myself…only when it comes to family. But I am […]
Look up.You will see the trees dance.The wind whistles as the hazel […]
Crazy how time can fly by so fast. This previous year has […]
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I’ve always dreamt of feeling the sun shine inside me. Feeling the […]
Acknowledge: Welcome our newest member Gabriella Colamarino- publicist! Gabriella has an acquired […]
Getting a job, maintaining a general income, going to school, doing chores, […]
“Show me a hero, and I’ll write you a tragedy.”- F. Scott […]
Nikki Banas once said  “ If you only carry one thing throughout […]
SELF-LOVE-WRITTEN BY Anastasia B. Positive growth. Before I explain how to practice […]