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Did you know that flowers are a helpful resource to bettering your mental health? The answer is yes! Simply taking a walk in nature and looking at all the different types of plants, flowers, trees, and such can increase creative energy and positive vibes. Nature can change our moods and decrease stress. Flowers free us […]
Most of us have insecurities that we are not proud of. We are disappointed, ashamed, or upset because we see pieces of ourselves that we do not enjoy. We see our flaws even when others may not see them. But either way, we don’t give enough credit to the unperfect pieces of who we are. […]
have you struggled with any mental health dilemmas? If so how does or did it affect, you? What is your takeaway about living in our society today?  These questions were discussed between one of my closest friends and me. She has personally experienced difficulties with mental health issues. She has shown me what it is like […]
What is self-care September? Why is September important? Read this article to find out! September is a worldwide celebration of mental health awareness! 1 in every 980million people all over the world struggle on a daily basis due to a mental health purpose. This month is known for advocating those impacted by the struggles of […]

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