Note : In this part of the blog, teens who allow us to share their thoughts, comments, and stories have acknowledged us to give them advice to overcome the obstacles they are facing in life. In addition to that, we would like to ask our readers personally if we are able to use their story in one of our articles or topics to talk about. It is completely up to you if you want us to use your information or not.

  This happens to be a peer-to-peer helpline to motivate good things that happened to teens who had bad things happen to them in their life. For example, if you are having a bad day because a family member is making fun of you, teasing, or harassing you, you can come here and talk about it. It's just to get it off of your chest so you don't have to carry all the negativity on your shoulders all day. ( this was an example but there are plenty of more things that you can talk about). We aren't going to make fun of you. We are here to help because parents don't understand that it's hard to open up to them because usually they give you the same advice for every problem you had to deal with. Such as, " your fine", "don't worry about it", and the last one teenagers hate hearing," You will get over it".

 On the other hand, whether you have a close relationship with a parent/ or parents, then maybe you should open up to them. In our opinion, if you have a close bond with a parent/ or parents, then you should open up to them and try and talk about how you are feeling. Just like us, we have a close connection with our mom because of the reason that we didn't have a dad growing up. We became super close with our mom and we love spending time with her and open up to her sometimes because she understands. I think we can all say that it's hard opening up to a parent/ or parents because most of the time they don't understand (even if they say they do but actually don't)what we go through on a daily basis. That's why us teens need to stick together!

    If it doesn't work out with them, there is always going to be someone in your life that you can talk to. Most importantly if there isn't a close friend, family member, role-model, or favorite teacher, and you need a safe place to talk about things and you need someone to talk to, we are here for you. No matter what, we are here to give you advice and help you out as much as we can.

Need To Talk?

Need someone to talk to? Need advice? You came to the right place. Given that you need advice, talk, or get things off of your mind, you can come in contact with us by D-M on our social media accounts, through our email ([email protected]), and through comments if you are okay being public with your thoughts. Just to remind our readers, if there is any sign of bullying or negative responses to other people, they will be reported and banned from this website.

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